“At first I was a bit skeptical about visiting a Massage Therapist, but Jon Doe has made me a believer. I’ve never felt better. I would recommend holistic therapy to anyone!”

Reese Mathers

My friend Wei Ho Ng has a great bike fitting service, and we share a lot of the same ideals and approaches in our businesses. His service is also a mobile service that comes to you, and he is very much into practicing what he preaches. He is a Level 2 Triathlon Coach, and an active triathlete, so most of his recommendations come from a very grounded, well-rounded place that should really speak volumes to your needs as a triathlete.

My friend Abby Boswell is a personal trainer, a Level 2 Triathlon Coach and an accomplished multi-sports athlete. We share a very keen interest in functional training and having fun while doing exercise, and she is one of the few people I have met who genuinely seem to be able to recommend high-intensity training sessions that are appropriate for endurance athletes - which is no small thing. In an industry full of fads and gimmicks, it is wonderful to work with someone who brings real substance to her sessions.

My friend Gail Wilkinson is a fantastic yoga teacher, whose Monday night class at Bannatyne's on Old Broad Street has become a critical part of my weekly training routine. Her classes are full of triathlon-specific tips and exercises, alongside a lot of much-needed attention to breathing, posture and mindfulness.

My friend Lucy Fry is an author, journalist and personal trainer, who writes about a range of fascinating subjects in the world of sports, fitness, health and well-being. And, yes, she has written some very nice things about me; so, yes, I am probably very biased here. Aside from that, I find that she has a knack for looking at trends and fads, then finding the real substance beneath the superficial attractions. She is not afraid to ask tough questions, wrestle with them, and come away with surprising answers, usually based on her own first-hand experience of her subject matter. Check out her writing at: